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We’ve been supporting PACE organizations for over 20 years and understand the multitude of challenges and competing priorities you face each day. Your pharmacy management program shouldn’t take time and energy away from your daily activities. Pharmastar is a pharmacy benefit manager that offers services designed specifically to ensure your staff spends their time providing care to your participants, not on pharmacy administration.


The reporting and requirements of Medicare Part D continue to grow every year. This adds a significant burden to PACE organizations and forces them to spend significant resources managing these processes. Pharmastar can help alleviate the burdens generated by this growing area of administration.

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Medicare Managed Care plans face a multitude of challenges and competing priorities every single day. At the center of this complexity is the ongoing effort to ensure that your members receive quality and value in the health care services they seek from providers. Your pharmacy management program shouldn’t take time and energy away from this effort. Pharmastar offers services designed specifically to ensure your staff spends their time providing care to your members, not on pharmacy administration.



Your organization offers a unique service to a population in need. Pharmastar recognizes the importance and impact of these differences and develops reporting tailored to those needs. Clients have access to regular utilization and financial reports. In addition, Pharmastar works with its clients to develop ad-hoc reports that suit the specific needs of each organization. Most importantly, your data belongs to you. All Pharmastar clients have full access to the raw data available through any and all reports.

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Pharmastar clients experience personalized hands-on service from the very start of their partnership with our PBM. Every client has access to their own dedicated client support specialist. Serving in a concierge function, this specialist works closely with a plan with everything from the very early stages of program implementation to regularly day-to-day operations. In addition, Pharmastar provides regularly monthly calls for its clients.


Pharmastar also offers a wide array of clinical support for its clients, including drug utilization reviews with a PharmD who is board certified in geriatrics and pharmacotherapy and quarterly pharmacy audits. In addition, Pharmastar provides clients with regular pharmaceutical alerts and recalls along with 24/7 access to its Pharmacy Help Desk.

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Pharmastar also offers a wealth of information specific to the PACE industry. Below are just a few of the educational pieces that are available to you.

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Service that goes

Far Beyond Expectations

"We chose to use Pharmastar with the inception of our PACE program. They have been extremely helpful from the first day I called them which was several months before we actually enrolled our first participant. Even now as we are fully operational, they continue to be very helpful, patient, courteous, and simply go the extra mile to make sure we understand every aspect of Part D and to make sure we stay in compliance. Thank you, Pharmastar!"

DeeAnna Conner

Director of Accounting, Bluestem Communities Management, Inc.

"We switched to Pharmastar 3 years ago and could not be happier. They are very responsive to our needs and perform their work in a very polite and professional manner. Pharmastar has been fantastic to work with and we would recommend them to anyone."

Tom Stitt

National Director of Finance, Ascension Senior Living

"We are a newer PACE plan and Pharmastar was instrumental during our start-up with giving us a level of comfort related to Part D. They explained, reviewed and reviewed again the requirements with us until we understood what was expected of us. They were, and still remain, extremely patient as we continue to learn the process. We have never hesitated to reach out to Pharmastar with any questions or concerns and have always been met with quick, pleasant and professional responses. Thank you Pharmastar for all that you do!"

Stacey Newton

Executive Director, Saint Joseph PACE

"When we first discussed a PBM, I was a little concerned that it would add work to my processes. But, Pharmastar turned out to be a big help to me. Not only do I get instant response for medication overrides, wrong provider RXs and other common issues, they also have really helped me with ESRD medication issues, and have done several custom reviews and reports. What a great team! In particular, Lexi and Luke are awesome!! "

J. Eugene Lammers, MD, MPH

Medical Director, Mercy LIFE of Alabama

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